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Let’s be real for a minute. I hate grocery shopping, I don’t like to cook, I’m a picky eater, I hate trying and cooking new foods, and I’m admittedly lazy AF. In short, I suck at eating healthy because it’s “too much work.” If I’m backed into a corner and I have to prepare dinner, we’re eating mac and cheese or spaghetti o’s (my kids are going to love me). That is, until I discovered HelloFresh.


If you’re anything like me, and you’ve never tried a meal subscription box, I’m about to change your life. You have to check this out (and no, this is not a paid review and I’m not trying to sell you anything, so you can keep reading). HelloFresh is seriously one of my greatest discoveries.

What’s the deal?

HelloFresh is a meal delivery service. Pre-measured ingredients and recipe cards are delivered to your doorstep every week (or the weeks you choose). Each meal takes approximately 30 minutes to cook, and the meals are actually really simple and delicious!

What are my meal options?

You can choose from the classic plan, veggie plan, or family plan. These plans can feed 2-4 people up to 5 meals per week. You can also choose which meals you receive from several different recipes that are available for the week. My husband and I use the 2 person, 3 meal classic plan.

And the cost?

Meals start at $9.99/meal/person. They’re also adding premium meal options starting February 6th that will come at an additional fee.

What if I don’t want a box every week?

You can pause, cancel, and resume your account at any time. It’s easy and you don’t have to call customer service to do so – which by the way, they have excellent customer service.

You had to contact customer service?

To be completely honest, my first box came with a small tear in the steak package and a few not-so-fresh vegetables. I was a bit disappointed but customer service was all over it. I sent them an email explaining my issues and they sent me a full refund for that box (in the form of credit for my next box). We still ate all three meals, replacing the bad ingredients as necessary, and they were so good that we still wanted to try another box.

And you really like it?

I really, really do love HelloFresh. The meals are easy to make, they’re delicious, they’re healthier than literally any other meal I would make on my own, and the price is worth the benefits. Plus it saves me a trip to the grocery store, score! Considering how picky I am, I’ve found myself not only trying, but also really enjoying new foods (and foods I didn’t think I liked, like zucchini or mushrooms). If nothing else, you should definitely enter the giveaway for a chance to win a free first week!

HelloFresh mealsTop: Rapid Stir-Fried Beef
Middle left:  Mozzarella-Crusted Chicken
Bottom left: Argentine Spiced Steak
Bottom middle: Sweet Italian Sausage
Middle right: Mediterranean Skillet Chicken
Bottom right: Cherry-and-Balsamic-Glazed Pork Chops

This sounds kind of cool, what do I need to do?

You can sign up for HelloFresh here. By following this link, you’ll save $40 off your first delivery (and earn me $20 off my next meal as well, thanks!)


I have a coupon code for one lucky person to get their FIRST BOX FREE.

(Disclaimer: you will have to create a HelloFresh account which will include entering credit card information and paying a $1.00 fee. HOWEVER, immediately after you sign up you can go to your account settings and click the “cancel my subscription” button in the bottom right corner OR you can pause your next week’s delivery by scrolling to the next week on the main page and clicking “Pause Week” at the bottom. If you have any questions or concerns about this, please let me know.)

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Do you hate grocery shopping as much as I do?

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    • Kara says:

      Yay! I think food subscriptions are so much fun. It’s so easy to try something new and the meals are so much fun to make! How long have you been using HelloFresh?

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