March Goals + February’s Progress

March Goals - Fitness

Hello there! Can you believe it’s already March? It seems like this year is already flying by. I can tell 2017 is going to be a great year for me, I hope you’re feeling the same. If not, I hope todays post will be a little motivation for you to make 2017 your year! Today I’m sharing some of my personal goals for March and the progress I’ve already made in February.

February was a great month for me. At the beginning of the month I set three goals for myself in the categories of health, fitness, and finance. I worked really hard to meet all three of my goals and I feel really good about how far I’ve come already. Let’s take a look.

February Goals:

Drink 3, 22oz bottles of water each work day.

March Goals - WaterEach work day I marked three little circles in my planner and as I finished a bottle of water, I filled in the circle. I managed to hit my water goal every work day last month! Using my planner to track my water intake was a great way to keep tabs on my progress. Being hydrated helps you feel more awake and happier, it’s great for your digestive system, it helps you control cravings and eat less, and it’s really beneficial to your skin!

Hit 8,000 Steps per Day At Least Five Days per Week

March Goals - WalkingI had a 10,000 step goal for a really long time and I was constantly coming up short and getting discouraged. Last month I decided to try to reduce my step goal, but really focus on hitting it regularly. I set my goal at 8,000 steps and made or exceeded that goal 21 of 28 days (75%).  I’ve got to admit, I spent several months at the end of last year regularly walking less than 3,000 steps per day, so this goal has really gotten me off the couch and I feel much healthier, happier and more confident because of it!

Keep Track of My Daily Expenses and Maintain a Budget

March Goals - BudgetI started using the IOS app, DailyBudget, around the middle of January and I’ve been trying hard to stay within my budget and spend less on things I don’t need. Last month I wanted to keep up with budgeting, keep track of all of my miscellaneous expenses, and put $200 per biweekly paycheck into my savings. I’ve worked really hard to keep up with this goal, budgeting accordingly for Valentine’s Day and random outings, and I was still able to put all $400 into my savings last month!

March Goals:

  1. Continue to drink 3+ bottles of water each work day and start tracking water intake on Saturdays.
  2. Meet my 8,000 step goal for at least 26 days this month (85%).
  3. Continue to budget and put $200 per paycheck into my savings. Also, start tracking grocery and gas expenses to make sure I’m staying under my set budget limits for these two categories.
  4. Start tracking calories and actively start trying to stay under 2000 calories per day.

What are your goals this month?

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